” Simply a magical experience whilst staying at the Château Fengari”


As it is lovingly restored by Alex, Karolina and staff, the charm and ambiance is a slice of heaven. If you are an artist or writer or seeker of inspiration, I highly recommend Château Fengari! ”

Barbara Morningstar (USA)

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A creative writing retreat with Betsy Blankenbaker at Chateau Fengari



When I was a pre-teen in the early 1970s, I remember my mom listening to the album of Camelot as she cleaned the house (something I did too later in life).

 The album was from the 1967 film featuring Richard Harris and Vanessa Redgrave. One of the songs describes a happily-ever-after moment of an enchanting place called Camelot where life is just about perfect.

 The song reminds me of what my life was like the past three weeks at Chateau Fengari in the charming village of Clerac, France.

It seemed like a fairytale that 13 women would join me and @jocarnegie1 to write their books at a private chateau. Part of the allure of the chateau is sharing it with the family who owns it along with their children and animals, including a baby goat named Bianca.

 As the writers continue to work on their books, I hope they remember the happily-ever-after moments we experienced at this special sanctuary in France – for a few weeks it was my version of Camelot.

Next year the Master Your Memoir Writing Intensive is ten days. You’ll need to submit a first chapter so we know you are ready to write. Dates and details soon. Register on the Chateau Fengari creative retreats newsletter mailing list to be updated



Besty Blankenbaker (Best selling authorof O)  Betsy’s website

 Betsy Blankenbaker is an author, humanitarian, and veteran filmmaker of several acclaimed feature documentaries.

She founded Figaro Films, Inc. in 1998 to produce important films which inspire, enlighten, entertain and educate.

“The first Chateau Fengari blog post” Your space to develop creatively, physically and emotionally.

We hope you enjoy this blog, it is our objective to show to you what it is that we are about here at Chateau Fengari.

Each event will bring new and interesting people to this wonderful creative retreat wether for a yoga retreat, a creating writing workshop, a photography workshop, a water colour painting workshop etc who’s stories about their time with us that I am sure you will love to read about also to see any photographs and videos.

I do hope that you enjoy our blog.